15 Famous Trend Color Balayage 2018 For Woman

Balayage Hair Color


One of the current hair trend is trend color balayage 2018. This trend is start to famous among woman. Therefore, many beauty saloon provide this service and create various hair color version for balayage style. Not only awesome, but it looks amazing for the appearance.

Balayage is actually a trending hairstyle that making like a waving hair style. For further beautiful touch, usually it complete with several highlight and colors. Therefore, it can bring an awesome look.

If curious on kind of colors that are favorite for balayage, see below pictures. There are several trend color balayage 2018 that will suit with most woman. Not only look beautiful but also very cool too. Therefore, it is really worth to try and will result no regret. Take a look closer below.

Brown Balayage

A common color is the brown balayage hair. This is because brown is normal and neutral color. Therefore, many woman interesting to try this. It does not look too much but still fabulous. See below for the sample picture.

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Highlight Balayage

For those who loves more interesting color, try a highlight color combine with balayage. Not only look awesome but also look nice. Therefore, it is one of the good choice for those who wish to get different hair style. See below for the sample.

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Purple Balayage

Other cool color to choose for balayage style is purple. Dark purple will be more perfect. Therefore, never doubt to have this color to get an awesome look. See below for the details.

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Rose Gold Balayage

Other nice color is rose gold color. This is one of the most awesome color that look stunning and fabulous. Therefore, try to apply it for getting a nice hair style. Below is the example of this color.

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Caramel Balayage

The caramel color also can be an option. It is more to light brown but with lighter color. See below for the detail of this hair color style.

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Through a proper trend color balayage 2018, the hair can look nice and different. Therefore, it will be suit for those who want to get a new fresh look. Furthermore, it is a nice trending hair color and style too. Hence, it is one of the must try style for this year.

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