15 Inspired Trending Geode Hair Color Ideas

Geode Hair


Currently, many woman start to interesting with trending geode color. Not only can bring amazing hair look, it also look different. Therefore, it become a new trending to get this awesome hair coloring. Furthermore, it has many choice of color to select. Hence, it not monoton in certain color only.

Many woman choose a bright color for this trending geode hair style. Whether purple bright, blue bright or other color that describe colorful galaxy. Since geode color actually inspired by the geode stone color. Or sometimes it comes from the universe attractive color. This is why geode is look like mysterious coloring.

If interesting to try this hair color, see below pictures. There are several trending geode hair color to try for those who wish some different look. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be fully colored. It can apply in hide below the hair for more sophisticated result.

Amazing Purple

One of the amazing color to choose is purple color. Not only look awesome, it also can look cool. Therefore, it is a worth to try color for those who have black or dark hair. See below for details.

Source Pinterest

Lovely Maroon

Other option is a maroon color that look sweet and nice too. Therefore, this is a good option for those who wants to get different look but not too attractive. See below for the sample pictures of it.

Source Pinterest

Hidden Geode

Other options who want to have this color but doesn’t want to look too much, hiding the geode color underneath the hair can be a good option. See below the details sample of this appearance.

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest


Other option is to get some highlight. Therefore, it will blend with the natural hair and result some awesome look. See below for the details sample.

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Choosing a trending geode hair color can be a good alternative to try. Therefore, it can bring a different look. Furthermore, a trending look can give more confidence. Hence, it is a worth to try style.

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