15 Stylish And Trending Woman Short Haircut Style 2018

Short Haircut


There are numerous woman short haircut style that can be follow this year. Not only look nice, but it also trendy and stylish. Therefore, short hair is not a matter anymore. No need to feel unpretty if choosing to have the short hair style.

Currently, woman are interesting more to have short haircut due to the number of style is quite many. Therefore, they can choose the style that suit their characters and face too. Furthermore, short hair are most simple in maintain and easy to arrange.

If plan to cut the hair with this short style, see below pictures. There are several samples of woman short haircut style that easy to cheat. Furthermore, it is trendy and common. Therefore, it will bring an awesome look and be more practical in daily.

Pixie Haircut

Pixie is common trendy haircut for woman this last several years. Therefore, many woman dare to experience this style and confidence with it. This style is more masculine but also look awesome. For best result, try to follow below samples.

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Bob Haircut

Bob style is a common short hair style. Therefore, many woman choose this kind of style to play safe on their hair style. Furthermore, it is more feminin too. Hence, no wonder if this a favorite style. See below for the examples.

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Layered Haircut

A layered hair also one of the favorite choice currently. Mainly for those who loves Korean or Japanese style. Cutting the hair with this layered style will bring more beautiful look and elegance too. See below for more details examples of short layered haircut.

Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Classy Haircut

Elderly always love a simple style. Therefore, a classy short haircut will be the best option. See below for the details of this haircut style.

Source Pinterest

Choosing trending woman short haircut style might be not an easy thing. But through consult this matter with appropriate people can bring to the best style. Therefore, always get more nice examples and make sure the face is suit with the style.

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