15 Trending Cool Pixie Haircut For Woman With Thick Hair That Remarkable

Pixie Haircut


A cool pixie haircut for woman with thick hair is back to trend again. Therefore, this can be a good option for those who want changes. Furthermore, it is a simple style that also practical. Hence, it can be suitable for urban people.

A pixie haircut only need to match with the face shape. A good face shape will develop a good pixie haircut. Therefore, ask the hair dresser to choose the most suitable style. Otherwise, it might not fit the face and look weird.

If need some inspiration see below pictures. There are few samples of cool pixie haircut for woman with thick hair. All can bring more stunning look even with short haircut. Therefore, it can be a good examples to follow.


A modern way to get pixie haircut can be a good option. Make some layers and play with the front hair as well. See below for details. It is beautiful and look so modern, suit with the current trend.

Source Pinterest


Other way is to create some simple pixie haircut. This is suitable for urban people that always busy and need effective way to treat their hair. Therefore, a simple cut always work for this style. Even simple, still it looks awesome. See below pictures for details.

Source Pinterest


A soft style also can follow by older woman. Therefore, it will result a quite safe hairstyle. Below are the samples of this pixie hair with soft result.

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Last, a stylish pixie haircut always chosen by many woman. Therefore, this is the most safe and suitable style for everyone. Below are the details samples of stylish pixie hair.

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Those all the cool pixie haircut for woman with thick hair. The short style cut never means not beautiful. Through the suitable selection of hairstyle, a short haircut can look beautiful too. Therefore, do not doubt this style. Just try to make it looks more stunning by add some trend such as coloring or layering.

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