15 Incredible Chick Pixie Haircut For Thin Hair Trend At Current Style

Pixie Haircut


Choosing the chick pixie haircut for thin hair trend can be a difficult thing. Therefore, it is better to get to know the face shape first. It will affect the selected style that suit. Since a short hair cut will let the face openly showed.

Some pixie hair cut is now become trendy. This makes many woman interesting to try it. Furthermore, it is more practical and ease to maintain. Therefore, it is suit with the modern life that needs all practicability. Mainly for working woman that always hurry in the morning.

If decide to do some chick pixie haircut for thin hair, look at several pictures below. There are some samples that might suit with the face shape. Furthermore, it is all completed with suitable coloring too.


A boxier pixie style can be a choice for them that loves to look active. Not only interesting, it also look stylish through the perfect way of coloring. Such as in below pictures where the model bring white and grey color combination. See below for the details.

Source Pinterest


A brief style is suitable for elderly. It will show the shape of the face very clear. Therefore, it can make people look more wise and adult. This model also very simple with some touch of layer. See below for the details.

Source Pinterest


A cool pixie cut also lovable style by many woman. Therefore, it is the most safe style that can be apply for those who want to try this style for the first time. Add some bright color also will make the hair more stunning. See below for the pictures sample.

Source Pinterest


A pixie haircut also can look sweet too. Therefore, make sure to understand which style is suit with your style. Never push the style, otherwise it wouldn’t fit enough. Below is a sample of sweet look after a pixie haircut.

Source Pinterest

Those all the chick pixie haircut for thin hair trend that becomes more popular currently. If you thing this style is suit you, then it can be your perfect choice to shorten hair. Remember, add more color and layer will make the final look greater. Therefore, it is really a worth thing to try.

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