15 Best Korean Traditional Clothes You Will Like

Korean Traditional Clothes: 15 Best You Will Like

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Indeed, Korean traditional clothes are basically Hanbok and Joseon-oth. While, Hanbok is in South Korea and Joseon is North Korea traditional dresses for women in Koreas. Moreover, Chinese clothing concept Hufu is more likely Hanbok dress.

Meanwhile, jegori, chima, baji, po, okki and magoja for example are Koran traditional clothes in general.

15 Best Korean Traditional Clothes here for you in case you are looking for traditional clothes of Korean fashion. Continue reading to know more about Korean dress.

Broken White and Red Traditional Clothes

Broken White And Red
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This is one of the Korean traditional clothes in broken white and red that Koreans love. However, you are going to love this traditional fashion too.

Soft Pink Color Clothes

Soft Pink
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Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes [dress]

Winter Korean Traditional Clothes

Winter Korean Traditional Clothes
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Furthermore, in winter too traditional clothes are popular as well.

Navy Blue and Soft Grey

Navy Blue And Soft Grey
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This is another of Hanbok Korean traditional clothes in navy blue and soft grey.

Official Court Appearances

Official Court Appearances
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For example, for official court appearance this is a gold and red color dress. And, the gorgeous dress is wearing by Suryashi Huang.

Beautiful Wonsam Korean Traditional Clothes

Beautiful Wonsam
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As a fashion lover you know, Hanbok is traditional dress of Korea. And, is one of the most beautiful Wonsam this is.

Gorgeous Pink with Flower Print

Gorgeous Pink With Flower Print
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In floral print this dress is looking great. However, gorgeous pink with blue shades is looking great. And, also flower prints to create more romantic.

Sweet Magenta and Purple

Sweet Magenta And Purple
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By the way, sweet magenta and purple color combination is making this traditional dress gorgeous as well.

White and Brave Pink

White And Brave Pink
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Also, this beautiful Korean traditional fashion dress is in white and brave pink.

Worn for Special Holiday in Traditional Dress

Worn For Special Holiday
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However, Hanbok is a traditional dress that was popular. And, women in the older days liked to wear, but now it’s mainly for special holiday events.

Hanbok by Kim Young Jin

Hanbok By Kim Young Jin
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Meanwhile, Tchai Kim is the second brand that launched by Hanbok designer Kim Young-jin. Have a look at the dress to discover the beauty of the Korean Traditional Clothes for example.

Park Min Yeong in Light Blue

Park Min Yeong In Light Blue
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And, here Park Min Yeong is in light blue traditional dress. look so gorgeous.

Flower Embroidery Korean Clothes

Flower Embroidery
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In traditional fashion, flower embroidery work is quite familiar in Korea.

Summer in Soft Color Hanbok

Summer In Soft Color Hanbok
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Moreover, in this beautiful summer there are few of soft coloring Hanbok. And, represents Korean traditional clothes, costume from Joseon dynasty

Wedding Traditional Korean Costume

Wedding Traditional Korean Costume
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Finally, here Korean traditional wedding dress costume for man and woman.


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