Best 10 Book Character Costumes Forever

Book Character Costumes: 10 Best Costumes Forever

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Hey there moms! Our children are our greatest treasure and we will try to fulfill their wishes. And what if their preschool held some events and we do not know what our child should wear? Well, we have a suggestion for you.  How about Book Character Costumes?

All children have their favorite characters from their favorite books. A lot of children want to wear costumes from their favorite characters. But is it hard to imitate book character costumes? No! Here are some examples those you can try for your children.

You can discover 10 Best Forever Book Character Costumes from below. The costumes presenting here are very simple and easy to get. Continue reading and enjoy Halloween.

Inspiring Teacher s in Colorful Fish Costume

One Fish
One Fish – Source: Pinterest

Here, four very inspiring teachers are in Dr. Seuss’s theme book week costumes. Moreover, there are many fishes in the sea in very beautiful colors. Such as, yellow fish, black fish, red fish, and blue fish. However, they are in book character costumes.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Book Character Costume

ABCD – Source: Pinterest

While children start to learn spelling, a book character costume with letters will add your child’s learning spirit. Because, learn is fun. Definitely, they are going to love it.

Teacher Super Hero Book Character Costumes

Super Hero Costume
Super Hero Costume – Source: Pinterest

If you want to wear a super hero costume on a children’s show, then try this one! You can wear a printed shirt, some legging and a tutu skirt. Now, who dare to fight Captain America, Wonder Woman, Super Woman and Bat Woman?

Creative and Inspiring Teachers in Book Character Costumes

5 Books Costumes
5 Books Costumes – Source: Pinterest

Here is a group of creative teachers in book character costumes. Indeed, teachers are always with your kids in many ways to inspire them.

Strega Nona from Tomie dePaola’s
Strega Nona
Strega Nona – Source: Pinterest

However, here is our good heart witch in white and pink. By the way, who doesn’t like a good witch? Surely, does, like. “Strega Nona”, is written by Tomie dePaola and favorite to children. Meanwhile, you can try this book character costumes for your children.

Pete The Cat Book Character Costumes

Pete The Cat
Pete The Cat – Source: Pinterest

Precisely, this cute blue cat becomes the favorite character of every child. Because of it’s iconic blue fur, yellow shirt with colorful groovy buttons and red shoes. And therefore, you can dress up your baby girl as this pretty girl’s style

Pinkalicious Cutie

Pinkalicious Custome
Pinkalicious Custome – Source: Pinterest

By the way, your little girl surely will love this cute Pinkalicious character costume. After all, a pink costume with butterfly wings symbolizing as fairy the nice little girl.

Green and Blue Dictionary Book Character Costumes

Dictionary – Source: Pinterest

This is a little boy in dictionary costume looks very cute and the dress is a perfect Halloween costume. However, in hood with big round glasses, the kid is looking great.

Asterix The Brave Hero From Gallia

Asterix – Source: Pinterest

The great Asterix lived there around 50BC in a fictitious village on the coast of  Armorik formerly the area of ancient Gallia. Hence, this village became special because it was the only part of Gallia. And, which had not been successful conquered by Julius Caesar and his Roman legion.

A Little Peter Pan Book Character Costumes

Peter Pan book character costumes
Peter Pan – Source: Pinterest

Did your boys like this cheeky character produced by Walt Disney? Then, you can try these books characters costumes. Therefore, just use some random T-shirt with a green outer shirt that you can make by yourself. Meanwhile, brown belt and hat, light green leggings, socks and a pair of brown shoes are going to make it as the theme. And for the weapon, you can make it out of cardboard.

In contrast, this “Best 10 Book Character Costumes Forever” is not enough for out little kids or for the teachers, even not enough for the parents too. By the way, still there are more. But, here is just a try to give you some inspirational ideas.

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