Top 10 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyle Ideas to Motivate

Long Bob Hair: Top 10 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyle Ideas to Motivate

JesicaAlba LOB FeaturedJesica Alba LOB Featured - Source: Pinterest

Long bob hairstyle, also known as lob. Furthermore, this is a haircut that just above shoulder or at shoulder level or even just below shoulder. At length, between long hair and bob cut. By the way, long bob hairstyle is a variant of bob cut hairstyle.

After all, this hairstyle become more popular as lot of celebrities in their lob and it’s become a fashion. Continue reading and by looking at the images, you can select as your hairstyle.

Top 10 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyle Ideas to Motivate that explaining here is one of the most popular hairstyles till now, and you can choose any out of these. By the way, hopefully, this writing is going to inspire you for long bob hairstyle.

Straight Long Bob Hairstyles

Straight Long Bob
Straight Long Bob – Source: Pinterest

Straight Long Bob Hairstyles are inspiring.  Many popular showbiz stars are also in this hairstyle to motivate you as well. Color, tones you can choose according to your choice.

Cooler tones Hair color Long Bob


Straight Cooler Long Bob
Straight Cooler Long Bob – Source: Pinterest

For another example of long bob hair, here you can see her in black long hair with cooler tones. And, which is making a gorgeous look of her straight hair.

Choppy Blonde Balayage Bob

Choppy long bob hairstyle
Choppy Bob – Source: Pinterest

And, this is another style for choppy blonde balayage bob, you can try to make your different sweet out looking.

Pretty Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder Length
Shoulder Length – Source: Pinterest

This is another kind of trendy long bob hairstyle that may inspire you. Meanwhile, she looks pretty in her shoulder length Lob.

Nice Jaw Line Falling Long Bob Hairstyle

Jaw Line Long Bob
Jaw Line Long Bob – Source: Pinterest

Ok, let’s put it this way, those who want to show up in this long bob, its better with nice longer jaw and neck than comparing to round face. By the way, anybody is welcome too.

Reddish Medium Long Bob

Reddish Medium Long Bob
Reddish Medium Long Bob – Source: Pinterest

What a sexy look! Have a look at the picture. However, she is looking cute and sexy in her reddish medium long bob hairstyle on her shoulders.

Layered medium length hair

Framing Layers
Framing Layers – Source: Pinterest

Layered medium length hair at shoulder level, dropping a little is making her sexy look. Moreover, her face framing layers is creating an amazing touch of long bob hairstyle.

Sandra Bullock in Medium Length Hair with Bangs

Medium Length Bangs long bob hairstyle
Medium Length Bangs – Source: Pinterest

After all, Sandra Bullock is in her medium length hair with falling bangs to inspire you. She is looking gorgeous in her above shoulders long bob hairstyle. By the way, lob is quite popular because of celebrities.

Bob is in Lob

Bobbed Haircut
Bobbed Haircut – Source: Pinterest

By the way, this medium bob haircut is still in Long bob hairstyle.  Look at her smiling face in Lob as her hair making nice shape on her face dropping bit below shoulders.

Priyanka Chopra in Wavy Long Bob Hairstyle

Priyanka Chopra long bob hairstyle
Priyanka Chopra – Source: Pinterest

Priyanka Chopra, one of the famous artist and celebrity of Bollywood film industry, who is in huge wavy long bob hairstyle. And, her hairstyle is inspirational to motivate you for having long bob.

Top 10 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyle Ideas To Motivate tips in this writing going to steer you even though little.

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