15 Chic Outfit Ideas Guys Secretly Admire on Girls

Attention-grabbing styles to get a lovelier look that fit your personality.



It’s definitely true that we, lady, are free to convey our personality through fashion. However, it never hurts to know guy’s favorite outfit on girls and make him happier enjoying our look. As we’ve already known that man is a visual gender. He always notice a woman from what she wears.

Being sexy to attract a guy is not about showing off much of body shape with something skimpy. It’s also good for you to know the things that make you lovelier without involving sexual desire. Just get back to basic like pants, tee and tank top won’t fail to impress him, even the other girls in the room.

Just read on to today’s look down below. Here we’ll also tell you how to awesomely style every piece of cloth to be some attention-grabbing look. How to pair them with footwear, the hairdo, accessories and everything else based on your personality.

Black Dress
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Don’t work so hard. Black dress is basic color that every guy loves. It gives sophisticated, sexy and elegant look for girls. Applying red lipstick shows more of your sexiness as guy loves red lipstick on girl.

Off The Shoulder Top
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Topping off your leather jeans, pants or skirt with this piece of cloth will definitely make guys can’t resist. This top item shows the right amount of skin that most guys drawn to.

Fitted Skirt and Heels
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Guys love when girls don’t try too hard to look good.  This mix has successfully shown off girl’s super sexy leg that makes guy just can’t get enough.

Jumpsuit and necklace
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Nothing drives guy totally crazy inside except girl with jumpsuit. With that boss-lady look, guys see confidence and sexiness on her.

Red mini dress
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Dare to go bold with red. It is such a flattering outfit will keep his eyes off of you. One thing to remember, don’t be over in red unless it might seem trashy instead.

High heels
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When it comes to a footwear, you can never go wrong with high heels. The right choice of heels show girls’ sexiness, femininity, class and sophistication.

Crop Top
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This fashion item gives off a laid-back vibe. You might style it with a high waisted jeans, circle or pencil skirt, and many type of pants.

Skinny Jeans and Statement T-shirt
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Headed on mall or just hanging out to your favorite places? Throw your statement t-shirt on a tight leather pants or skinny jeans. The funny comment may entertain him, while the snarky smart words may attract him.

Round skirt and tee
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One fashion item that is deemed appealing for most guys is round skirt. It is simple yet showing girl’s natural sexiness. Let your hair untied.

Clothing with lace
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The secret of a woman is the way to dress up. A lacy skirt, blouse, bra, or dress gives classy touch. to be more elegant, just put on your heels. Lace on lingerie makes girl looks more mature.

Thigh High Boots
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Thigh high boots, mini dress and leather jacket could be perfect style. These fashion items has successfully impressed most guys. It’s such an attention grabbing outfit that makes everybody look in your direction.

Something Oversize
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Having an appealing look is about being comfortable and confidence. Girl with oversize sweater makes her seems approachable. A guy will instinctively know that you’re going to be relaxed and easy going.

Tank top
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Keep it chic with a denim short pants. You’ll look put together  with this your amazing sense of style. You may add an outwear over your tank top. This top is a smart choice for you who like casual style.

Workout Attire
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Guys obviously love seeing girl on workout attire.  Those clothes allows you to show off the best part of your body. They’ll be attracted on your athletic sense of style.

White Jeans
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Jeans is an versatile outfit that most girl love. Do you know that guys are secretly in love with girl on white jeans? They look fresh and match any kind of top outfits





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