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The most basic and simple truth about summer outfit idea is best too look as refreshing, relaxing and still carrying out the stylish look all around. When the heat is not really on our side, what’s best to wear to go out with friends without being uncomfortable and sweaty all over the place. Read on and steal your favorite look and shop only for the essential.

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The key point to this look is clearly the outstanding dress. No need to worry though, this dress is very light and won’t interfere to any of your fun activities in the summer and not complicated at all.

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Looking all chic with plaid mini jumper, don’t spend to much with the mix and match thinking. Fashion crowd relies on what’s looking fine and adorable pieces over the summer, the perfect outfit is always the one that makes you feel comfortable

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The bohemian dress and denim jacket are the most important pieces on the summer and don’t just tucked them away in your closet. Topped your look with fancy sunglasses and loose hair bun.

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This is my personal favorite, because it’s less fuss and the color suits my character and personality. Some girl adores dress, like all season they will wear it. Give us a pair of breezy dress and the cool vest, we’re ready to go wherever you want.

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Casual summer outfit are our time of the year and Shay Mitchell always gives the best inspiration above all. Since we feel the same way about black tank top and short denim pants, obviously the long shirt dress is always a way to go to complete the look.

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How to wear your favorite plaid shirt on a hot summer day? Easy! Just put it on your waist and voila! The white sneakers. Ripped jeans, waist shirts and black shade of tank tops, we digging it!

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If you ask me, there’s always a way to put on what’s in your wardrobe and still look stylish as ever. Basic color combination of blue and white are always on the top priorities

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Looking all fun and comfortable with your own style? Go for it girl!

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IF you ever need a back up for a barbecue party with friends from work or college, you can steal this look because life is too short to not look fabulous is summer night

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There are plenty of ideas of summer outfits that wouldn’t drained up your wallet and you will never wear again. Be a smart spender!

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