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Valentine is just around the corner, do you already have any plans? Weather going out to incredibly romantic dinner or cozies up and snuggle all night with a movie marathon, you always need the perfect nail ideas to spice the celebration up. These Valentine’s Day Nail ideas will accompany you throughout the special day.

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Ruby Rose, Silver and White are three favorite color during Valentine’s Day. The finished look between combination of these three interesting color will swoon you in your romantic date night.

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Do you know that you’re allowed to wear black nail polished on Valentine’s Day? Capital YES, black all season baby. A mysterious black nail idea is always the right way to have a perfect night. Little tricks, put a little black heart with white based to make the look more flawless

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You can never imagine how simple nail art idea could look so cute in your finger. The concept of a love letter never disappoint and we can’t help but falling in love with this adorable nail art

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Pink is all over the Valentine’s scene, restaurants, streets oh so many pink. Why not try to applies it on your nails too? If you want the lady like and delicate pink nail look, try to accessorized it with white color and some bedazzling flowers.


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Every girl loves ruby rose color and every girl loves heart on their nails too. Especially on this Valentine’s day, let’s go extra with the hearts and combine these two icons, you will never get enough of it and it will last longer than any bouquet

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Do you want something fresh and feminine look for your Valentine’s nail look? Search no more, you can steal this inspiration, and the heart dots in white based basically the center point of this flawless idea. This look is refreshing and relaxing at the same time

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If you don’t want any ruby rose or a heart shape for this year Valentine’s, you don’t need to worry. Apply black polished and play up with kissing lips accent to create the romantic vibes in your special day

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Lighter tone nail polished color will shines your inner delicate feeling this February 14th

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 Who says you can’t combine black and ruby rose color on this Valentine’s day? You definitely could! Even this two color are very intimidating. We dig in some less traditional approach and more sexy nail look.

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