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Choosing wedding dress is one of the most exciting phase and it will become one of the most important decision you’ve ever made in your life. You need to look good for now and 20 years later, and it definitely leave you feeling overwhelmed sometimes. Fear not though, check out this fancy wedding dresses collection by Kenneth Winston to ease your mind.

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This chiffon over satin with crystal detailed wedding dress is one of the most beautiful gown in 2017. It is incredibly impressing with its own beauty and a reflection of a timeless perfection

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Long gone are the days when wedding dress need to be long sleeved with lace detailed, we don’t hate it at all, but have you seen this perfect dress? It is contemporary amazing with fancy sparkling details

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Bride gowns is often chosen as a reflection of the bride’s and the wedding character itself. Spaghetti strap wedding dress will create a very modern and sophisticated vibe to complete your glamorous big day.

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One of the most popular wedding dress is the princess A line style, it evokes our inner princess souls and shines lady like and gentle fashion statement.

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Wedding dresses don’t always have to be white. An almond toned wedding dress is another lever and movement to make your dream wedding come true. Look at the wonderful embroidered venice lace and intricate floral pattern, can you even resist?

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Throwing a rustic wedding party in the woods? A lace and floral pattern will create the magical feeling and make you look flawless as ever.

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There are a lot of different shade of color if you want to do something different on your wedding dress besides white. There’s the almond color, dusty light grey and all time favorite the flattering pink one.

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A brides who do prefer more classic wedding dress have more options in a range of shades and the deep v neck line. Look no further and be ready to try them out

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The backless wedding dress are very popular these days, it’s mesmerizing no matter how many times you look at it

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Channeling your inner princess aure with this captivating wedding dress and dazzling embroidery details

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Everybody loves a mermaid style wedding dress. You can’t never imagine how good this style will complement your figure in a fantastic way

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I believe we all have the wedding dress dream, and this one is mine. I fell madly in love at the very first sight.



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