15 Best Christmas Nail Inspiration


Hair looks good, clothes, accessories and shoes are also stylish, but I think something was missed? Yes it’s nail art! It’s because the nail looks plain once. Hmm .. this can not be left. That’s why you need nail arts treatment to beautify your look even more perfect.

In addition to setting up clothes and beautiful shoes for Christmas celebrations, nails also should not lose pretty. To beautify the nail at Christmas party, there is a nail art technique that can be used. You can decorate your nails with Christmas themes like snow dolls or Christmas trees.

The technique you can try yourself, starting with base coat and creates the color with a simple tool. No need to go far to the nail artist, you can do it yourself at home with one of the beautiful inspiration nail art Christmas tutorials following in.

1. Snowman

Winter Nail Art with Snowman and Trees.

Image Source

2. Christmas Tree

15 vackra vinter nagelsdesign att kopiera

Image Source

3. Snow Deer

The entire world is breathing winter and the cold is getting colder day by day, the faster we are driving towards the big event of Christmas, the more excitemen

Image Source

4. Red Glittery

50 Red Nail Art Designs and ideas to express your attitude

Image Source

5. Greeny Nail

Fall Nails, Holiday Nails, Christmas nails, glitter nails, shellac nails, gold nails, fun nails, green nails, antlers, antler nails @polishedbyjordan

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6. Cute Santa

Christmas Nail Art: 28 Festive Designs to Put you in the Holiday Spirit

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7. Snow White

Photo taken by @lauramerino12 on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (11/20/2014)

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8. Glittery Pink

See the most charming nail designs in pink that are appropriate for almost any occasion.

Image Source

9. Red Ombre

Red and Black Ombre Nail Art Design. https://noahxnw.tumblr.com/post/160992256041/looks-so-delicious

Image Source

10. Candyland

Candy Cane Nail Art

Image Source

11. Cookies House

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Winter Wonderland, Day 5: Gingerbread House!

Image Source

12. Blue Penguin

Instagram / fairlycharming

Image Source

13. White Gold Christmas Tree

Gold and white winter nail art design perfect for new year eve

Image Source

14. Snow Flakes

Beautiful blue and white snowflakes nail art design. Painted with sequins in sandwich style nail art, white snowflakes are painted above the nails giving the impression of snow in a sparkling night sky.

Image Source

15. Christmas Polkadot

Day 350: Red, Green & Gold Nail Art - - NAILS Magazine

Image Source

You can made 15 christmas nail art below, steps for christmas nail art:
1. Make sure the nails are dry and clean.
2. Always apply base coat to nail protected and not easily fragile.
3. Cover the tip of the nail with with nail polish, wait until dry.
4. Create a pattern, you can use with a toothpick.
5. Make sure all nail polish is dry, then apply top coat for more durable nail polish.
6. While in the process there is a nail polish that concerns the skin around the nail, clean it slowly with a nail polish that has been moistened with water.

Christmast party is coming soon. Of course there will be a lot of busy welcoming the celebration, especially for you who will also hold a wedding to coincide with Christmas.
Well, to welcome such a happy moment, it would not hurt if you decorate your nails to look pretty dazzling with Christmas-style decorations. You can give themes like snow, cypress, Christmas bells, or anything else on your fingernails.

That’s nail art inspiration are very beautiful and unique yes ladies? You intend to apply it? Apparently so many creative ideas to decorate nails with things that are very beautiful, unique, and certainly interesting. Hopefully this article can be a good recommendation for those who like or do have a hobby to make up nails to look more beautiful.

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