12 December Outfit Ideas For Women


It’s December and we’re going to a lot parties. While the festivities season is here, we need to stay stylish and still warm. We spend most of December preparing our go to looks. So check out ho see how we’re tackling winter style.

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Ever wonder what to wear on casual parties? This December’s version of the matching set couldn’t be more comfortable and amazing than this

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Sick of your turtleneck sweater?? Dress up in casual rip off jeans, black shirt and everyone’s must have coat. Extra point if you pick one that is white, which is the shoes if you missed the hint.

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For the holiday, try to lightened up your mood with grey themed winter outfit and just go back to basic. Minimalism is the key and you will see it will make a world’s difference


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Play with masculine look, a grey sweatshirt completed with beanie and vest make unbelievably pretty damn good together

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Are your wardrobe is just full of plaid pattern clothes? Well, good news, we could all use a plaid shawl with white sweater to create fashionably clean look.

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Nothing as versatile as black boots. Embrace the priceless look and don’t worry about anything else. You can create unexpected look with black boots and it will always works really, really well

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Speaking of what an it girl wear, here it comes the essential that consistently get you through the low temperature. A layerable turtleneck, a wool brown coat and one white beanie.

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You can also look trendy each year and just go for it. Now’s the time to experiment without the high boots, patent trench and a chunky knit. Live it, love it.


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This grey coat was the most popular piece of winter outwear this year. Invest in one before the temperature drops, trust us.

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Is there anything more iconic than this timeless sweet little outfit? The brightly long sleeves top add a little pop to your look.

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Yes that is oversized mustard colored sweater and skinny jeans with beany. How do we spell fabulous?

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A prime example of snow whites in 20’s century. Consider yourself as the snow fairies walking down the street

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Thoughts on wearing radiant red in a chilling winter season? Yup, we’re very much into it

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When the temperature drop and you want to go skiing, you’ll be glad to add more pieces to your body more than sweater and beanie routine.

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