10 Coolest Casual Selena Gomez Style


Selena Gomez has been out and about with her sweetheart look. The pop star already inspiring many people with her laid back California girl style or with all grown up vibe ready to face paparazzi.

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Selena’s looks stunning with basic white tops and skinny jeans pairing with black based floral jacket. This grown up look especially with her strappy heels is so, so beautiful

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This girl could rock whatever outfit she wants. Green sweatpants and black crop top shines insanely cozy vibes paired with sneakers and accessorized with retro glasses.

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Back at it again with the crop top. This time she does not layered it up with any jacket and she wore high-waisted skinny jeans. Honestly i’m kind of into it.

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This looks clearly not unusual but Selena slays the ultra denim look paired with all black top and skinny jeans

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While out in the street, the “heart wants what it wants” singer rocked her colorful striped crop top with high waisted jeans and red sandals. We can all agree that this is cool enough for the summer?


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Selena has been serving some serious fashionably vibes lately. She’s been living trendy with its clean look sweater and velvet coat. Don’t forget to topped it off with her favorite retro sunglasses and black beanie and comfy closet.


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I don’t care what the season is, Selena Gomez has decided it’s a Dinosaurs times, so start wearing your animal printed sweater with your coziest jeans. The “Bad Liar” singer is definitely a charmer whatever outfits she wear

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This outfit is rarely representing Selena Gomez herself. Crop tops clearly her thing, but hey those ripped off jeans gives unexpected vibes of her. If it ain’t her, it wouldn’t look this attractive.

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Fall season is coming and this is what Selena wears. Sel is about to mix and match two different tones from her maroon jacket and denim top. Even though the look is totally in for fall, the “Fetish” singer effortlessly put grey shade shawl and make it way more sophisticated

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Selena went on full laid back for her outings with friends. The black sweatshirt paired with skinny denim and gorgeous black boots.

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Remember when Selena wear skirt and the crowd goes crazy? She could pair crop tops with anything that she likes, weather it is high waisted jeans, metallic skirt or even sweatpants, she rocked the look so hard. It’s the season of femme fatale.



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